Saturday, January 16, 2010


I was planning on continuing to post tidbits from the LA Auto Show all throughout the holidays... but things didn't exactly go as planned. Then came the massive boatload of fail that was the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show... CES was supposed to save me from my LA Auto Show stumble but, rather than being wowed by all manner of new technology, I found the show to be little more than a rehash of last year. A few companies made a big stink over 3D gaming/movies/TV last year and they managed to take it to an all new level this year—it felt almost as if it was the only technology being shown. Yes, nVidia touting Tegra 2 was kind of a big deal and Boxee Box seems quite nifty but, considering the size of CES, is more than that really too much to ask for?

So, where to go from here? Funny question, really... the business is in a state of limbo, I couldn't make it to NAIAS, CES was disappointing, and aside from that Fiesta writeup, I didn't manage to provide timely coverage of the LA Auto Show. Well, there is always random tech stuff :-p

Expect to see more random tech stuff pop up on here since I'm going to be working toward getting all of my test equipment set back up. I'll trickle some LAAS content onto the blog between tech stuff and the occasional car writeup.