Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[Forum Archive '06] Scrap Acrylic Shrouds

Here's a little tidbit from early 2006... a pair of radiator fan shrouds that I made out of some scrap acrylic that I had sitting around the warehouse. Total forum thread views: 1,086 (as of 4/28/2010). As a side note, all images have been re-sized via HTML, rather than my usual two image (preview & full image via link) approach, to speed along the archiving process. You can still right-click on the images and view them at full-size in a new tab/window. Also note that all vBulletin emoticons and their associated code have been removed from the archive entry.

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So.... What happens when I get my hands on some scrap acrylic and a bonneville heater core? Well, this, of course!

Yup, just a couple quick and dirty fan shrouds made from 1/4" acrylic, put together with acrylic solvent, and sealed with some clear RTV silicone. Okay, so there was a little sanding involved, too...

The edges of the shrouds (including the center divider) were sealed with this spiffy, soft natural rubber sealing cord stuff. It's really cool and works great...and I'm kinda thinking about adding it to my store but, at the moment, I can only obtain maybe 50' of the stuff...

Bolt everything together, add 4 120x38mm Sanyo Denki fans @ 12v in push/pull, and what you get is a crazy amount of air moving through that heater core.

The whole assembly is about 8 1/4" thick and should serve my test rig well (especially since the ambient temp in here is usually between 15°c and 17°c during this time of the year).

Just thought I'd share.

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